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Volunteers play an important role in helping care for and support the epilepsy community. They generously donate their time and talent to us, extending the reach of our programs and services; as well as raising public awareness about epilepsy. 

If you are considering becoming a volunteer, there are countless ways to help. Here are a few you might consider:

Host An Event

Organizing and hosting an event in your area is a great way to raise funds while promoting understanding of epilepsy in your local community; even if you've never organized an event before, we've made it easy. Or maybe you have experience with events and would like to organize something larger. No matter what the event is, and whether it is your first or fifteenth, we are here to help and guide you through the process.

Educational Programs

Epilepsy offers various programs that are designed to educate and empower people with epilepsy, and their families, and caregivers. As a volunteer, you might help organize a workshop or seminar that brings local epilepsy experts together in order to speak on an informative topic. You may schedule an event where people with epilepsy share their stories with others. You can also assist at an already scheduled event. 

Please visit our Calendar of Events to find out about upcoming Events and Programs.

Support Groups

HEF Support groups respond to the needs, problems, and concerns of people with epilepsy, their friends, and families. In addition to providing help to each other, epilepsy support groups are often active in advocacy and fundraising. If you are interested in forming a support group in your community, or looking for one to join, we can help. 

Using your Skills


If these suggestions don't match your skills or interests, but you do want to volunteer, don't worry. Our helpful staff will help you find the right fit. 

For more information, contact Program Coordinator Macie Operle, at (901) 572-1827 or e-mail at

Get Involved

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