Hearts of Epilepsy Foundation® is a nonprofit organization, focused on providing services that address the critical needs of people with epilepsy and their families – helping them maintain the best quality of life. Living with epilepsy are unpredictable and may decrease or increase in severity over time. This presents physical, emotional, and financial challenges families must face. Therefore, we're here to provide the support, education, and assistance needed to adapt to these challenging circumstances. Our primary focus is on providing individuals with epilepsy the help they need to maintain their health and well-being, to continue to be productive and independent, and a safe environment in their home. We do so with empathy, resourcefulness, and conscientious care.


Hearts of Epilepsy Foundation mission is to improve the quality of life for people living with epilepsy in Shelby and Desoto County; by providing measurable support services and programs. Our mission is to heighten public awareness of epilepsy and SUDEP (Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy). Our mission is to educate and increase knowledge about epilepsy and seizure management among families, students, school personnel and businesses within TN-MS. Our mission to shift the conversation from lack of knowledge and understanding, and to put an end to the misunderstanding, silence, and negative stigma associated with epilepsy. 



A World Free of Epilepsy.

What separates HEF from other epilepsy charity organizations is – first and foremost – that our sole focus is on people living with epilepsy. While many other organizations work hard to fund research into a cure, we stand out as the organization devoted to helping families achieve the best lives possible until a cure is found. We do so with a uniquely personal approach. ​Our vision as reflected in our mission and purpose, guide us to fulfill vital unmet needs by delivering high quality programs and services. Our organizational culture ensures we adopt best practices in transparency, in order to operate ethically and responsibly. We strive to meet the expectations of the epilepsy community-at-large, the general public; as well as our supporters. We place a major emphasis on confidentiality that respects and protects the privacy of both constituents and donors.

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